Kirsten & Tom | CNU Engagement Session | Newport News Wedding Photographer

Meet Kirsten and Tom!

Their parents have been friends for years and years, so they grew up sharing Thanksgivings together every year. Kirsten admitted that she had a crush on Tom first but he was oblivious for the longest time.  When he finally caught on they had to move super slow, not wanting to risk their friendship and make the family friendship awkward. But eventually Tom worked up the courage to ask Kirsten to a military dinner where they shared their first kiss, and the next week he took her on a date at Yorktown Beach and asked her to be his girlfriend. This May they’ll get married at Yorktown Beach on their two-year dating anniversary- at the place where it all started, and I can’t wait to be there and celebrate with them!

These two are full of laughter and joy when they’re together, the kind of people that don’t take themselves too seriously and truly cherish each other. They’ve been long-distance dating since the start so when I asked them what they were most excited about for marriage and they both agreed that they were just super pumped to come home to each other at the end of each day.

It’s always crazy saying goodbye to my couples at their engagement session when I realize that they next time I see them face-to-face will be on their wedding day.  And what a day it will be!  I cannot wait to celebrate these two!  In the meantime, enjoy my favorites from this CNU engagement session!



PS- Kirsten is a girl after my own heart with that awesome yellow sweater!

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