Julie & Jon | East Beach Couples Session | Norfolk Wedding Photographer

Meet Julie and Jon!

I shot their wedding almost 2 years ago and Julie has been one of the biggest and loudest cheerleaders for my business ever since.  She was the first bride to insist I be her photographer and be willing to fly me out for her wedding.  To say I was honored was an understatement.  Being a part of such a special day with them then, and watching them grow in marriage since has been a joy.  They’ve weathered their fair share of transitions these last two years, moving to and making Orlando home and adjusting to jobs and life there.  It was sweet to hear them reflect on the 2 years and see how they have leaned into each other well amidst some big life changes.

When I found out they were in town, I knew we had to make some updated portraits of the two of them happen!  So we met up at this quaint East Beach neighborhood I had been dying to shoot at that is just minutes from where Julie grew up!  The only time we both were free was at 2pm on a Wednesday (which if you know anything about photography and lighting, is a really rough time to shoot) but they trusted me and Mother Nature stepped in and actually gave us the perfect cloudy 70s day with even, filtered light.  We wandered the streets together catching up and laughing and then made our way to the beach for some of the most gorgeous wind-whipped romantic and playful photos you’ve ever seen.  And ya’ll, I’m in love.  This session was everything I hoped for them and more!

Enjoy some of my favorites from their East Beach couples session!


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