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Dear Sarah Lin bride,

If I’m sending you this blog post, it means your wedding day is almost here!!! I am so excited to capture it for you and have been counting down the days!

You have put so much thought into each little detail of this day, and I want to tell that story in the most beautiful way possible. This little detail guide is a part of that! Here I’ll explain what I use the first hour of your day for, and how you can help me tell your wedding day story.


What are detail photos?

On your wedding day, I like to arrive an hour before your getting ready photos to scout out the location and take detail photos! Detail photos are photos of your dress, venue, invitations, rings, and all those little details that will help tell the story of your day! They are a chance for me, as your photographer, to get creative and artsy, and they highlight all the hard work you’ve put into your day- from the invitations you slaved over, to the ring he paid an arm and a leg for.

Why detail photos?

These are the photos that help bring together the story of your day. Your dress waiting for you in those calm moments of the morning. Your something borrowed, something blue, something old, and something new. Photos of the church that your parents got married at too. The invitations you spent hours choosing that show all the important details of the day. Those party favors you loved, but may not remember you had 10 years from now if not for a photo.


What should I include?

For my brides, I ask them to set aside the following:

  • Dress
  • Veil
  • Bride’s shoes
  • 2 sets of invitations and their envelopes
  • Any other paper items of the day (programs, letters to each other, vows)
  • Both sets of rings
  • Wedding day jewelry
  • Bridal bouquet
  • Boutineers
  • Groom’s shoes
  • Groom’s accessories (watch, pocket square, cuff links)
  • Anything else significant to your day! I love when brides include nods to grandparents, a special gift your groom gave you when you started dating, or even your fun and quirky wedding favors!




Gather all these items and keep them together in a box or bag that I can easily take and return! I promise to take good care of them!

Talk to your florist about delivering your flowers before you even put on your dress so that your beautiful blooms can have their moment to shine in these photos! Ask them to set aside a few of your signature flowers and some greenery that can be cut and trimmed to embellish these photos- they will take your images up 5 notches!

Set aside two sets of invitations and their envelopes for me! You’re probably wondering why I need TWO sets AND their envelopes…Often your invitations have details on the front and back and I love to be able to capture both in one image! And the envelopes are helpful to bring color to your invitation suite and help frame the invitation in the photo. Even if your invites are not double-sided, please give two sets just in case one is bent or has a smudge. If you used a calligrapher to address your invitations, consider asking them to address one extra envelope (maybe with your venue’s address?) so you can incorporate that as well!

Ask your maid of honor to take your ring to get it cleaned the day before your wedding. All she has to do is run into Jared- they’ll do a complimentary ring cleaning and treat her like a queen! Then you’ll have a sparkly ring for your rehearsal dinner and wedding day!

Fun things you can buy (but of course don’t have to!) to personalize these photos even more:

  • a personalized wedding dress hanger
  • a personalized Mrs. Box
  • extra ribbon from your bouquet in your wedding colors



Behind the Scenes:

When I come to your bridal suite at the beginning of your day, I will often take these bridal details with me to a quiet location with the best possible light- that way I’m out of your way and not adding to the hustle and bustle of you and your girls getting ready, but also so I have space to think and be creative with what you’ve given me. I will ask you in advance what your wedding colors are, and bring props to accent your pieces accordingly! I bring fabric backdrops, pretty trays, ring boxes and ribbons. As you can see from these behind-the-scenes photos, things get messier before they really come together!



Thank you in advance for trusting me to capture the big and tiny moments that will tell the story of your day! I am honored.


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