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Meet April and Vince!

This couple was so life giving to spend an evening with. They’re the kind of people that within moments of meeting, you already feel like old friends. They laugh easily, aren’t afraid to go all in on my prompts (looking at you Vince!) and photograph beautifully. We met at their wedding venue, the Williamsburg Inn, and wandered the streets of Colonial Williamsburg together catching up on quarantine life, wedding planning, and everything in between. They were rockstars- it was HOT and they never once complained in their jeans- they only had eyes for each other. They met as counselors at the same summer camp, and went on to get their masters together at William and Mary, and now they’re both teachers navigating this crazy quarantine teaching time together and eagerly anticipating their wedding next summer!

I love meeting my couples and connecting the dots between our stories. With these two, it’s kind of crazy! Vince and I went to the same high school, were at all the same football games for the two years we overlapped, and yet, as far as I know, never crossed paths! April and I are both George Mason alumna, and walked the same campus for the same 4 years, and yet, as far as we know, never crossed paths! Crazy, right!?⁠

When we wrapped up, I felt genuinely sad to have to wait an entire year to see them together again! I love when time with clients just feels like time with friends, and I have a feeling that’s just who these two are and how they make everyone feel. I cannot wait for their wedding day! Enjoy some of my favorites from their summery Colonial Williamsburg engagement session!



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