Addie & Murray {Covenant Seminary Proposal}

Meet Addie and Murray!

Addie has been part of a small team of cheerleaders for Alvin and I since day one of our relationship, and since I’ve moved to St. Louis, has become a dear friend.  I remember getting coffee this summer when the conversation transitioned to Murray and she excitedly let on that she thought he might be “the one”!  I’ve been rooting for them ever since!

Murray pulled out all the stops on this one, guys.  Addie knew he would propose soon, so he had to be tricky to keep her unsuspecting.  He works as a barista in our seminary’s community center and after dinner with friends, told her he thought he left the coffee machine on and wanted to swing by campus to make sure it was off.  He left her in the car with his keys and came in where friends had decorated the main fireplace with twinkly lights, rose petals, and photos of them from throughout their relationship.  He called her from inside and asked her to bring the keys, and the rest?  Well, these photos will tell!



Proud of himself for pulling this off!

The diamond comes from one of his mom’s rings and is sooooo beautiful!

You two!  The community center has never looked better!

Addie and Murray, I couldn’t be happier for you two!  Thank you for letting me share this precious moment with you all!

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