10 Everyday Moments I’m Thankful for…

Happy Thanksgiving!

Admittedly this is a day early but let’s be honest, tomorrow I’m going to be in a food coma.  Who’s with me?!  In light of Thanksgiving, I wanted to share with you all a list of 10 everyday moments and things I’m thankful for right now.

  1. Experimenting in the kitchen and a husband who’s willing to wash dishes and clean up the mess!
  2. Neighbors whose fake Christmas tree is too tall to fit in their house so they took the top layer off and gave it to us.  Now we have a baby tree!
  3. Late night Wendy’s runs to get Frostys for a study break.
  4. Finding a new comedy show we love (that he hasn’t already seen before!) and getting sucked into the plot together. (The Good Place, if you’re wondering)
  5. $5 movies on Saturday mornings with friends.
  6. Happy dances in the kitchen when he gets a good grade or dinner’s on point, or just because.
  7. Flowers on the table and apple cider in the fridge.
  8. Living 4 minutes away from the grocery store for impromptu pizza dinners and 4 minutes away from Goodwill for impromptu treasure hunting.
  9. Those few minutes every night before we turn out the light where we lay side by side and pray over our people and lives.
  10. Those few minutes most mornings when the radio comes on with JoyFM and we pull the covers up and cuddle and ask the day for just 5 more minutes.

There’s so much to be thankful for in the day-to-day and in the course of this past year.  I’m forever grateful for a holiday that asks us to slow down and consider what we’ve been given.  Enjoy some fall photos from Alvin’s very first time apple picking a few weeks ago!




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