Watchmen’s Coffee Roasting Co. | Chesapeake Branding Photographer

Meet Watchmen’s Coffee Roasting Company!

This branding shoot is near and dear to my heart- this is my brother-in-law, Josh’s, new baby! He’s been dreaming of and working towards this day for so long, we as a family are so excited to celebrate with him and Abby!

Watchmen’s Coffee is a micro batch coffee roasting company based in Chesapeake, Virginia that seeks to serve individuals and communities with hand picked sustainable coffee. What started for Josh with a love for coffee, grew into an obsession with finding the very best coffee, which lead to a decision to buy a coffee roaster and learn the craft for himself! He’s the real deal, and it’s been so fun to watch it all happen from the ground up! We can’t wait to see where Watchmen’s goes in the years to come, but for now you can order your freshly roasted beans for local pickup or shipped straight to your door through their website! is where it’s at.

Watchmen’s name stems from Psalm 130:6, “I wait for the Lord more than watchmen wait for the morning, more than watchmen wait for the morning.” It’s a nod both to the Christian call to wait with expectation for God to move, and the human need for a little coffee to sustain us while we wait 🙂

Enjoy my favorites from this launch branding shoot, and head over to Watchmen’s website to order your own bag of beans!



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