Patricia & Matthew {McLean Wedding Highlights}

Meet Patricia and Matthew!

This was a unique wedding for me for a couple of reasons.  The first is that Patricia is the first among my bridesmaids to get married, so I’m not the only married lady now!  And the second is that I didn’t photograph the full wedding!  Patricia wanted me to be her photographer, but she also wanted me to be able to enjoy the day, so we schemed and scheduled and decided that I would photograph the getting ready portion of the day, the ceremony and family photos, and the bride and groom portraits and then she hired another friend to photograph the reception so I could join the dance party as a guest!  I am so grateful for this arrangement because it allowed me to be apart of the most intimate moments of the day with Patricia and Matthew, and then have a breather to bawl my eyes out at the reception 🙂

Words don’t sum up the day well but I’ll try.  It was filled with precious family moments- the bridal party (made up all P+M’s siblings) sang as Patricia walked down the aisle, Matthew’s dad married them while choking back tears, and Patricia and her dad’s first dance was the sweetest, goofiest, and funnest father/daughter dance I’ve seen.  Every moment was truly precious and the Lord was honored as Patricia and Matthew and their families came together for this joyous day!

Patricia and Matthew, thank you for allowing me into these tender moments.  I am deeply honored and will hold these memories dear for a lifetime.

Enjoy some highlights (a full blog post to come!) from their bride and groom portraits!



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