Patricia & Matthew {Manassas Engagement Session}

Meet Patricia and Matthew!

Patricia and I met during our freshman years of college.  We were in Cru together at George Mason University and I remember thinking, “I like this girl” when we first met but between me living on campus and her commuting and being a nursing student, we mostly just ran circles around each other until the summer after our junior year.  That summer we wound up in a small beach house apartment on Cru’s Ocean City, Maryland Summer Mission.  It was a life-changing summer for both of us in different ways and we came back to Mason desperately wanting to be intentional with our friendship.  We convinced our Cru director Kathie to disciple us together and the rest is history.  Patricia is the kind of person who laughs easily and can set an entire room at ease with her presence.  We became best friends, her family became extended family to me, and last summer she stood up next to me at the altar as one of my bridesmaids.   

Matthew had been around for a while before he asked her on a date.  They had actually known each other since middle school, and he had transferred to Mason a few years prior so I had gotten the chance to know him too.  He is a man of character so when Patricia called me up the fall after we graduated to talk about him I just had a good gut feeling from the start.  And here they are!  Almost 2 years later and they’re getting married in just 2 weeks!!! 

I could not be happier for these two, honored that I got to capture the special season they’re in now, and thrilled that I’ll get to be a part of capturing their wedding day!  Enjoy some of my favorites from this it-almost-downpoured-on-us-but-the-clouds-miraculously-parted-at-the-last-second engagement session!


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