Our Newlywed Home

Welcome to our home!

I’ve been wanting to share a little home tour on the blog for our friends and family back in Virginia who can’t exactly drop by for dinner to see it themselves. 

This is our first place together as newlyweds and it’s been so sweet to make it home.  It has pieces from Alvin’s bachelor days, my college days, family and friends, some solid IKEA and thrift store finds and so many wedding presents that have been precious editions to our home (like this perfect little sign my sister made for us we hung over our oven!).  We love having space to have friends over for game nights, and welcome family from out of town.  Not pictured is our guest bedroom/study that was a tad too messy to photograph this week. 

My favorite aesthetic edition to the house:  The map in the living room. My dad’s work was spring cleaning and was just going to throw it out! You better believe I begged him to give it to us as a wedding gift! Sure enough, it sat behind our sweetheart table at our wedding and was loaded up in the Uhaul for the long drive out to St. Louis. It’s our statement piece and conversation starter and I love having guests over and sharing travel stories of all the places that have captured our hearts. 
My favorite practical edition to the house:  the coffee table top comes up as a desk so I never have to leave the couch!

So friends, welcome!  It’s not perfect, but it’s home!  Glad you stopped by!




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