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Meet LeeAnn and Shawn!

This is such a sweet story to get to share with you all.  Shawn is a friend of ours from church and seminary in St. Louis.  Last December, we celebrated with him as he got a youth pastor job in Philadelphia and moved to the East Coast.  After moving to Philly, he reconnected with LeeAnn.  They grew up in the same town in Connecticut, their families are close friends, and she had just moved to Philly too.  It seemed to us, keeping up with Shawn even at a distance, that she was something special.

In the fall, I got a message from Shawn, “So, I want to propose, how can I get you here to capture it?” And immediately the wheels for this beautiful proposal started turning.  Alvin and I took a few days away from Chesapeake to drive up and spend some time in Philly before the proposal on Friday.  We met up with Shawn the day before so he could pass off a gift he wanted us to plant- a personalized comic book for LeeAnn (she’s a huge comic fan!) that ended with him on his knee.  We were so excited!!!

The next day, we went to Longwood Gardens and staked out this gorgeous Christmas tree as the perfect proposal spot.  Since LeeAnn had never met us, we just looked like fellow tourists hovering nearby.  Shawn came up to Alvin and asked him to take a picture of them, and as he did I planted the gift behind them.  Alvin switched to video, she turned around and saw the gift, and in complete shock, started opening it.  It was so sweet, she was so excited! She didn’t realize it was a proposal at all, just thought it was an epic gift.  As he encouraged her to keep reading it dawned on her…

The rest is history!  She said yes with tears and absolute glee and she didn’t stop crying for 20 minutes!  What a precious, precious event to witness and be a part of.  We felt truly honored and cannot wait for these two to tie the knot!


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