Julie & Jon {Virginia Beach Wedding Highlights}

Meet Julie and Jon!

I remember sitting with Julie and our friend Ally spring break my senior year and talking about when we would all get engaged.  Ally got married that winter, I got married this past summer, and now finally Julie is married!!!  There is so much I could share and say about these two and their day so thankfully this is just the highlight post!  A fuller version is coming in a few weeks!

As I think these pictures will tell, these two are absolutely, beautifully in love. One comment Julie made about their honeymoon stuck with me: “You know, vacationing with Jon is gonna be awesome but that’s not why I’m marrying him.  I’m marrying him to do everyday life together, something we’ve waited for for so long!”

The epic fades to the mundane, and yet it is just as sweet, real, honest, and important. Our epic, magical moments show who we are, but the mundane moments prove it. And that’s why these two got married- because somewhere along the lines of their story they decided they could be just as happy with the mundane moments, as long as they were together.



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