Our Wedding Day {Portraits}


We got married *almost* two months ago today, so we’re really just babies at this whole marriage thing, but let me tell you, it’s been so sweet.  After being long-distance for what felt like forever, getting to set up a home together is so precious to me.  Waking up each morning next to him, dancing in the kitchen, snuggling on the couch, running errands together…they’re small things of course, but they are the foundation of OUR life and I wouldn’t trade those small moments for the world.

I’ve been dying to share more images from our wedding day, so consider this ‘Part 1’, and I promise to share more soon!  For now, enjoy our portraits and my vows written below.




From day one you have been persistent in loving me with Christ-like love and commitment and I desire to model the same love and commitment towards you. As Jesus did with the Father, knowing his great love towards him, I promise to follow you, respect you and submit to you. I will support you and encourage you with acts of service, lavish words of encouragement, and humble yielding. I will be your encourager, your best friend and your welcome home hug. I promise to keep learning you. I promise to keep seeking you out, to be a safe place you feel known, and to trust you and open myself to be known by you. I will not keep secrets from you. I promise to hold our relationship above my own interests, to seek oneness with you in the mundane and the crazy. I promise to pray for you and with you daily.

Alvin, I delight in you and in the person I see God creating you to be. I promise to accept you fully and journey with you. In giving myself in marriage to you, I will choose you to be my first confidant and I will look to you for help over all others. I will build a family and a home with you based on our convictions. I promise to never let anyone or anything come between you and I. I promise to love and lead our future children towards the truth. I promise to not let you take life too seriously, to remind you to celebrate the small things, and to choose joy with you daily. I promise to love you sacrificially and selflessly, with undying patience, kindness, and sincere joy rooted in truth.

Alvin, I make these promises to you with God as not only my witness, but my sustainer. There will be times I do not want to keep these. No matter whether the feeling of love is present, I will choose to love out of choice and trust God to supply the strength and feeling I need in His timing.

Finally, I promise to keep my identity first and foremost in Him. He alone is the source of love and He alone can give it freely. I promise to pursue Jesus above all else, to turn to His words in Scripture and His Spirit in prayer always.

I love you.



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  • Your words and vows + beautiful photos, brb as I go cry 😭I love this Sarah!!! Thanks for sharing and reminding us all of God’s love and the covenant and commitment we all make before Him and our husbands. So sweet to be reminded and refreshed on it through your newlywed lenses (yes, pun intended 😋). Looking forward to seeing more posts!

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