Hannah & Steve {Vow Renewal Highlights}

Meet Hannah and Steve!

5 years ago these two ditched wedding planning and got married at the courthouse because they couldn’t go one more day without being married.  Hannah hung up her dress and packed up the decorations, saving them for when they could bring together family and friends for a formal celebration.  And this past weekend, after they both walked the stage at graduation (to the loudest audience cheers I’ve ever heard), they gathered all their friends and family for a celebration and vow renewal 5 years in the making. 

These 5 years have not been easy, but they have not been without their joys as well.  5 years of deep laughter and deep wounds.  5 years of forgiving, and forgiving again.  5 years of learning to love and draw close to one another.  I love witnessing a bride and groom share their vows on their wedding day, but it was even sweeter to hear these two recommit- knowing full well what they’re signing up for- to love and honor and cherish each other, till death do them part.  They’ve walked tough roads before, and our God has proven faithful. 

These two are our dear, dear friends (Steve was a groomsman in our wedding) and it was such a joy and honor to capture their special day. 

Enjoy some highlights (full blog post coming in a few weeks) from their Westborough Country Club vow renewal!



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