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Meet Deanna and Donald!

Deanna is an old friend of mine, and it was so fun to get together and reconnect for these photos.  I don’t think either of us could have guessed back in high school when we used to ride the bus together every day, where life would take us, so it’s extra sweet to capture these moments for her now.  When she first reached out to me, she and Donald weren’t even engaged yet but she knew the question was coming soon (he had already taken her ring shopping) and she told me she wanted to plan engagement sessions for each season!  She’s particularly Christmas-obsessed, so we started planning this one.  I don’t think, when picked this date all those months ago, we could have possibly asked for a more Christmasy day, complete with a snowstorm!

These two are the absolute sweetest together.  They melted into each other’s arms (and not just because they were cold!), they couldn’t be “nose-to-nose” without going in for a kiss, and they had some awesome dance moves!  They actually met at a country line dancing club, where Donald, with his impressive dipping and twirling skills, quickly swept Deanna off her feet-the rest is history!

Get used to these two’s faces because they’re going to have two weeks in a row on the blog!  We chose to do their engagement session in two parts, the first in Colonial Williamsburg in the snow, and the second half at Christmas Town at Busch Gardens! 

Ahh I can’t wait to show you them both!  But for today, enjoy my favorites from their snowy Colonial Williamsburg engagement session!




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