Amy & Phil | Couples Snow Day Session | Chesapeake Couples Photographer

Meet Amy and Phil!

Amy was my roommate when I lived overseas after college for 8 months. It was an intense season of life for us both, and we became really close. She was my workout coach leading up to my wedding, dance partner, and sharer of many a crazy story (anyone who’s ever lived in another country knows the bond that’s formed over learning the ropes together). She’s been in the States since the start of the pandemic, and it’s been so sweet to have her meet Lydia, and now Miriam. Amy is the kind of person who is quick to celebrate those around her, eager to share in their happiness. She’s the kind of person that will send a voice text instead of an emoji so you can get the full extent of her gushing on the other end. She is fun and joy and light. 

In December she called me up and said, “Well I have some news… I’ve met someone and Sarah, he’s the real deal.” She brought Phil to meet us the weekend it snowed so of course I had to pull them out to model for me at my local neighborhood park. Together these two are so sweet and playful, but also deep and intentional. They’re the kind of people that ask you, “So how are you really doing?” and you know they mean it. But they’re also the kind of people that when you run to grab something real quick, you come back to find them giggling and dancing in the kitchen. 

Amy, you are so good at celebrating and basking in the happiness of others, I cannot express how happy it makes me to see you happy! Phil, you found a good one. Thank you for being a stand-up guy and making her so happy. I love you two!

Enjoy my favorites from this snow day couples session!



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